Saturday, April 30, 2016


Sabaidee Touk Kon ( Hello everyone!)

Today we are going to learn about shapes in Lao language.It is pretty straight forward.

ມື້ນີ້ພວກເຮົາຈະມາຮຽນກ່ຽວກັບຮູບຮ່າງໃນພາສາລາວ. ຄ້ອນຂ້າງຈະຕາມໂຕເລີຍ.

Triangle = Houp Sam Liam ,or Houp Sam Jae = ຮູບສາມລ່ຽມ,ຮູບສາມແຈ

Square = Houp  Jud Tu Lud , or Houp Sii Liam  = ຮູບຈັດຕຸລັດ, ຮູບສີ່ລ່ຽມ

Retangle = Houp Si Jea Sak = ຮູບສີ່ແຈສາກ

Circle = Houp Wong Mon =ຮູບວົງມົນ

Oval = Houp Khia=ຮູບໄຂ່

Heart = Houp Hoa Jia=ຮູບຫົວໃຈ

Star = Houp Dao=ຮູບດາວ

Cone = Houp kuie  ;or Houp Juie= ຮູບກວາຍ, ຮູບຈຽຍ

Pyramid = Houp piramid , or Houp Juie =ຮູບປີລາມິດ, ຮູບກວາຍ (ຈວາຍ)

Tube = Houp Thor= ຮູບທໍ່

Cube = Houp Korn= ຮູບກ້ອນ

In Lao we use Shape ( ຮູບ) as a prefix as to emphasize that the word is about the shape.

ໃນພາສາລາວແມ່ນໃຊ້ ຮູບ (Shape) ເປັນຄຳນຳໜ້າມັນຊ່ອຍເນັ້ນໜັກວ່າຄຳດັ່ງກ່າວວ່າແມ່ນກ່ຽຍກັບຮູບຮ່າງ,

I cannot think of  diamond that equivalent in Lao. I don't think there was a name for it. If we really want to say it could be Houp Phet ( Diamond = Phet ).

ຂ້ອຍຄິດບໍ່ອອກວ່າຄຳທີີ່ທຽບເທົ່າກັບຄຳວ່າ Phet ( Diamond) ມັນວ່າຈັ່ງໃດໃນພາສາລາວ. ຂ້ອຍຄິດວ່າມັນອາດຈະບໍ່ມີສຳລັບຄຳນີ້. ຖ້າຫາກວ່າເຮົາຕ້ອງການເວົ້າເຮົາວາດຈະເວົ້າໃດ້ໂດຍການເອົາຄຳວ່າ: ຮູບ ແລະ ເພັດ ( shape and diamond) ມາປະສົມກັນ.

Update diamond in Lao is called Houp Khao Lam Tud ຮູບເຂົ້າຫຼາມຕັດ.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hello everyone !!!

We have moved to southern Utah for more than 4 months . We started to settle down fast -kids started school in mid August, My husband started his work and I am going to school.

Thanks goodness we live with our in laws so we get the benefit of free baby sitting ,my husband work is close and I don't really spent much time on kids to school just get them ready to their school bus stops and my school is 5 mins away.

We are fortunate to be able to do all these at this time of our lives.
I would love still to blog but sure it will be less. I am still want to do more Laotian lessons. There will be more medical terms since I am taking Medical coding.

I can't wait to finish my school next June cause this will help me get another job and possibly to work from home.

I'll see you next post with Medical Terms in Laotian. For now I got some of the pictures of the town we living.

Leave me any questions if you want to give a feedback or what else should I blog about just let me know.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Animals' names

Sabaidee Touk Kon

First of all I have to apology for not posting anything for the last month. I am packing and getting us moving to St George, Utah. I am excited but already missing California as time is getting close.

However so today we are going to learn about animals' names.

Animals = To Sud = ​ໂຕ​ສັດ

Cat = Meo =ແມວ

Dog = Ma =ຫມາ

Bird = Nok = ນົກ

Frog = Kob =ກົບ

Fish =Pa =ປາ

Water buffalow = Kua =ຄວາຍ

Cow = Ngua = ງົວ

Hourse = Mar​ =ມ​້າ

Peacock = Nok Yung =ນົ​ກ​ຍ​ຸງ

Chicken =  Kia =​ໄກ່

Duck = Ped =ເປັດ

Snake = Ngou = ງ​ູ

Rabbit =  KaTia =ກະ​ຕ່າຍ

Turtle =  Tao= ເຕົ່າ

Deer = Farn,  Kuang =ກວາງ

Alligator / Crocodile = Khair = ແຂ້

Elephant =  Sang​ =ຊ້າງ

Tiger =  Siur =ເສືອ

Lion = Sing = ສິງ

Kangaroo = Kangkarou = ແກງ​ກາ​ລ​ູ

Bear =  Mii =ຫມີ

Monkey = Liing =ລີງ

Zebra = Ma Lia =ມ້​າ​ລາຍ

We can also add a prefix " TO" ໂຕ on these animal names as to emphasis.

Example: To Meo = Meo

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