Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

It has been another good year for our family. Kids got treated well for Christmas presents.

My Husband got a brand new car -I am a happy camper- baking, cooking for friends and family.

We are so blessed for this year and hope we keep ourselves in the nice list and keep our blessings coming for the years to come.

Everyone healthy, happy and My husband and I are working hard getting out of debts.

New Year Resolutions are next.

Debts eliminations is our priority
Getting organized -getting rid of stuff and craigslist.
More craft -like sewing
Cooking and eating at home more.
Reading more books on personal development.

I guess I should have monthly check up on my projects and goals.

How was your 2011 treated you? I am curious to know what are your goals for next year.

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