Saturday, October 11, 2014

The start of how to live simply in order to become Minimalist.

The start of how to live simply in order to become Minimalist. 

I have read couples of blogs and watched some videos on YouTube about how to gradually become minimalist. I love the Zero Waste Family. The Minimalists. I haven't done any extensive research on the subject much but it still give me some good ideas so if you not heard of it. I encourage to you find out more.

For us is to downsize, de-clutter and stop the urge of buying things on a daily basic.

The last one seems so extreme but it does really help to at least reevaluate what you want and wait a while before going out to buy it.

The downsize part goes hand in hand with the de-clutter. From last month alone I have eBay the stuffs that I had around the house like glucose blood strips, left over from my pregnancy gestational diabetic care, totaled almost $100 dollars. I find it eBay works great if you have more valuable items and some not so worth shipping cost, I'll do Craigslist. I am still have to working on throwing broken toys away. We have way too many toys not that expensive but more like knickknacks so it won't make any money but it will open up more space if I just have to clean it.

eBay 50 free listings fee a month policy is awesome. I just did couples of items per week. Its actually pretty fun since I am thinking of selling more than buying or brings things home.

Next I will go through my maternity clothes and Electric breast pumps. I have some list of things that I would look into: scrap booking items which are rarely use but taking up space also I have too many kitchen gadgets. I am having a hard time getting rid of those cause I think the kitchen area is my territory. I just need to decide what to keep and what to part. My kitchen gadgets counted up to  20+ items. Can you imagine space or counter top to hold on to those things?. Some of them get to used once a year. I know I can live without most of them and have to be more creative in the kitchen.

Your list might not be the same as mine cause we might have difference lifestyle and hobbies.

I am still working on the urge of buying things. This can apply to anything from food to clothing and knickknacks and any budget busting items.

I limit myself from going grocery shopping for at least once a week. For clothing I am trying to not going buying if I can fix ,mend or alter just wait a little before buying.

So far it works out OK I have kept my notebook of running lists in different categories and cross out what items I had got rid of, and keep putting more ideas in one place. I revise the list once in a while I should have looked at it once a week though as motivation or as a weekly schedule.

Anyhow this is going to be a long journey but I am proud that I am making a small progress.

Please come back for more ideas or if you have questions or any suggestions please message me I love to know how your journey go about.

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