Friday, January 30, 2015

Old School

Sabiadee Touk Kon
In Laos ,I recalled growing up learning our language by practing our hand writing with chalk and small handheld black board (which might be equipvilent to how kindergarteners to day get to use iPad in USA).
Later grades we practiced hand writing drills on pages and pages. Reading- class would read out loud all together and once in while we would get a turn to recite a passage in front of the class. This was the hardest part for me. I had to memorize, recited to myself and reheard with my mom at home before big day. That was 30 years ago I am sure things must have changed and much better.
Learning becomes easier than before we got many resources to help us learn. I selftaught myself a lot of things and most of the time I learnt from internet and YouTube.
On researching how to make flash cards I strumbled upon Kent's website . He is polyglot and he is currently learning Lao. His site has great resources on Lao such as  his video -Learning Lao tones and Free flashcards.
I admire Kent and people  like him who went a great lengh to learn other languages but also like to teach and share their expertise to others.
we had some exchanges on learning and teaching Lao a short while ago, which gave me some ideas and inspired  of how I hope soon that I would be able to do some video blogs on the lessons.

Here is his Video on tones

Tip is reading each consonents outloud and when they are forming with vowels and tonemarkers. However I was trying to sound any short sounds with the other 2 tonemarkers (ອ໊ ອ໋)They didn't sound right and they just cannot be pronounced I don't know.
I just want to simplify the process a bit ,which I don't mean to stop you from learning all the aspects of Languistic. You know what is right for you.
These are examples of tougue twisted phrases that are fun and you learn by doing it:
Here is another good one from facebook ຝະ​ລັ່ງ​ ຊື່ ສົ​ມ​ຈັນ .He is so fun.

Post by ຝລັ່ງ ຊື່ ສົມຈັນ.

There are more resources on Kent's  website you can check him out.
and also ຝະ​ລັ່ງ​ ຊື່ສົ​ມ​ຈັນ 

What  are your tips on learning languages?


Kent Roper said...

Watching the tongue twister video was fun. ຝະ​ລັ່ງ​ ຊື່ສົ​ມ​ຈັນ is really good. I watched some of his other videos on his Facebook page. Thanks for sharing!

lovetosave said...

Glad you enjoy. Thank you for stoping by.