Sunday, January 11, 2015

Big Chef

Big Chef

I like to think that I am a chef but of course everyone is their big chef in their own home!!

If you like eating I bet you are good at cooking, or at least be a good critic.

I know how to cook some of my Lao dishes but not all. I am not an expert or good at cooking but I like to learn how to make. For western food I was completely new when I got married 10 years ago. I like to bake and of course I learnt after I got married. So if you are not a good cook just be assure that these skills can be learned. I had a new role as a homemaker as soon as we got married.  Overtime you will becomes a chef, Chauffeur, Baker, driver, handy woman, well you fill that out.
Its not an easy one but I am learning and still am.

Next time I will post some of the thing that I regularly cook at home.

One dish at a time. Come and see what I have learnt . If you got any tips or recipes that you love to share or have them features here. I like to hear from you just email.

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