Saturday, January 17, 2015

Learn Laotian ( Lao Language) ຮຽນ​ພາ​ສາ​ລາວ

Laotian - ພາ​ສາ​ລາວ

I would like to introduce some Laotian lessons here on a regular basis so if you are interested thats great ! Please come and enjoy. I am a native speaker grew up in Vientaine; I can speak, write and read Laotian  in additon to that I can read and speak Thai  as good as my native langugage but my writing is null. 

Hope that I can share to the all of you. There are going to be everyday language to start with and it should progress and as it goes a long.


Sabiadee =Hi / Hello =ສ​ະ​ບາຍ​ດີ

Sabaideebor ?/ Chao Sabiadeebor ? ​=How are you ? = ສ​ະ​ບາຍ​ດີ​ບໍ?/ ເຈົ້າ​ສ​ະ​ບາຍ​ດີ​ບໍ?

Sabiadee=  dee= good=ດີ

Chao = you or yes =ເຈົ້າ​ same sound and spelling

Bor = ບໍ  (in the end of the sentence make it yes/no question)

Lao people don't usually say these words to one another only Sabiadee is good enough.

Sabiadee Ton Sao = Good Morning = ສະ​ບາຍ​ດີ​ຕ​ອ​ນ​ເຊົ້າ 

Sabaidee Ton Suey = Good Afternoon = ສະ​ບາຍ​ດີ​ຕອນ​ສວາຍ

Sabiadee Ton Lang = Good Evening = ສ​ະ​ບາຍ​ດີ​ຕ​ອນ​ແລງ

Hope you can quess what are Ton Sao, Ton Suey and Ton Lang mean

Ton Sao = Morning = ຕ​ອ​ນ​ເຊົ້າ

Ton Suey =Afternoon = ຕອນ​ສວາຍ

Ton Lang = Evening = ຕ​ອນ​ແລງ

Good night = Latri SaVad  = ລາ​ຕ​ຼີ ສະ​ຫວັດ there is not Sabaidee in there huh!! just something you got to remember.

La Lorn = Good bye!= ລາ ກ​ອ່ນ

These words are very neutral tones so you can't go wrong just sound them plain from english spelling.

At this moment I might not be able to satisfiy to all of your needs in terms of official language or Translation but I will put a recource link to facebook group of which I am a member ; for you. This group is free but you got to be a member before you can post anything. There are both Laotians or foreignors a like helping each other Translation from Englsih to Laotian or vice versa.


Please comment below if you want me to cover anything or have any good resources to share.
See you next time.

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SorrySomanyPersonalQuestions said...

I am trying to learn at least one phrase in the language of people that I meet. I appreciate your page.