Friday, February 20, 2015

Why do ballons fly up in the air?

After lunch we were having a little chat with my boys. Sometimes I wish I homeschool them so I can enjoy them all day.( many times they make me want to disappear)
I was sharing my confession when I first got here in the US I hated peanut butter jelly sandwiches. I hated seeing kids eating them, tauching them,talking about them and clinged everytime to see whoever ate them.
Anyhow that was the past and now I am serving them to my kids. They asked me why I hated ? So my easy answered it is because I am not an american. I have yet known anyone that doesn't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Anyhow the point is not peanut butter thing. The point is I get to share this with them so they can learn more about me and know that i didnt grow up with it and its OK to not like things as everyone else.

Now they asked if I like it now. I am still not a fan I can eat when I have nothing to eat. Oops now you know I don't have anything better for them eat.

So we had some fun converstioned about lots of things and
Andrew(5) asked "Mama why balloon fly up in the air?"
Me answered proudly :" you meant helium balloon? Because it is filled up with helium gas and helium is lighter than the air so it flies.
Andrew said:" No...because the guy holding it let it go."
Lol we all laugh out loud.

What are your least favorite food or things?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How To Make Yogurt At Home The Easy Way

I usually make my yogurt at home by using yogurt maker. I like it plain, my husband likes it sweet with honey, my kids like it with fruit. We all love yogurt.

Its pretty easy actually if you have a yogurt maker. You just heat the milk up to 180 degree then let it cool down to 110-115 degree before you put the starter. Pour in the small jars let it in the yogurt maker for 8 hours at least before it becomes yogurt.
So heating the milk over the stove top on a pot is an old way that I used to do. I now use the glass jar and heat it in the microwave which I don't have to worry about it going to boil over or scorch. I got this short cut from reading the review on anyhow I'll include the model that I use on my Amazon link Yogurt maker and Thermometer
The health benefits of yogurt for me is it helps me regulate. We also put some in our smoothies and sometimes in baking.
So let see how easy to make it at home and cleaning is also a breeze.

Big glass Jar ( that can hold enough milk)
Yogurt Maker
Starter ( I use store bought yogurt maker)
These are my links for the products.

I like this model there is option for I want to make more yogurt I can just use bigger jar that have a bigger dome cover.

I use 36 oz milk + starter will add to milk after heating later.

( my yogurt maker makes 7-6 oz jars I also put the maker on the jar so it easy every time I make I don't have to measure just pour the milk to the mark)

Put the milk in the big jar and heat it and bring the temperature up to 180 degree by heating  2 minutes interval in the microwave until it reaches the desire temperature.

Once it heat up to 180. I take it to cool down in the cool water tub. Mine takes like 8 mins. If you want it faster you can put ice on your tub so it could take only 5 mins.

Let it cool down to 110 or 115 then put the starter mix well  and this is the time if you want to sweeten up with honey then pour it into the small jars and let it do the magic in the yogurt maker for 8 hours.

Then enjoy fresh for cool them in the fridge enjoy it cool.

Again have you have a short cut on doing your favorite food? Leave me questions or comment below and if you like it please share. Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Lots of love from us

How do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Introduce yourself ການແນະນຳຕົນເອງ

Sabaidee Touk Kon! ( Hello everyone!)

Today we are going to learn how to introduce ourselve in Lao.

Hello, my name is..............Sabaidee, Sue Kong Koy Man.......  (Koy Sue Wa:....... )
I am ...........years old. Koy Ar-You .........Pii  ຂ້ອຍ​ອາ​ຍຸ……ປີ
I am from ................. Koy Ma Jak........... ຂ້ອຍ​ມາ​ຈາ​ກ……..
What is your name?  Chao Sue Yang? ເຈົ້າ​ຊືັ່​ຫຍັງ?
How old are you? Chao Ar You Jak Pii? ເຈົ້າ​ອາ​ຍຸ​ຈັກ​ປີ?
Where are you from? Chao Ma Jak Sia? ( Chao Ma Te Pa-Thed Dia? =Which country are you from?)
Vocabualy: Kam Sub: ຄຳ​ສັບ
My name: Sue Kong Koy ຊື່​ຂອງ​ຂ້ອຍ
Be (V): Man ແມ່ນ
Age : Ar-You ອາ​ຍຸ
Year: Pii ປີ
What : Yang ຫຍັງ
Where : Sia ໃສ
Country : Pa-Thed ປ​ະ​ເທດ
Numbers: To Lek ໂຕ​ເລກ
1                 Nueng         ໜຶ່ງ
2                 Sorng          ສອງ
3                 Sam             ສາມ
4                 Sii                ສີ່
5                 Ha               ຫ້າ
6                 Hok            ຫົກ
7                 Jed              ເຈັດ
8                 Pad             ແປດ
9                 Kao            ເກົ້າ
10               Sip              ສິບ
11               Sip-Ed        ສິ​ບ​ເອັດ
12               Sip-Sorng   ສິບ​ສອງ
....               ........
...                ........
20               Saao            ຊາວ
21               Saao-Ed      ຊາວ​ເອັດ
....                ........             ......
...                 ........             .......
30                 Sam-Sip           ສາ​ມ​ສິບ
31                 Sam-Sip-Ed     ສາມ​ສິບ​ເອັດ
40                 Sii-Sip              ສີ່​ສິບ
41                 Sii-Sip-Ed        ສີ່​ສິບ​ເອັດ...                  ......
....                 ......
100               Nueng-Hoy ( Nueng-Loy)   ໜຶ່ງ​ຮ້ອຍ(ໜື່ງ​ລ້ອຍ)

Welcome back to another lesson on Learning Lao.

Another resource from UNICEF Laos YouTube 

And this one is for Lao Numbers 

Note: We use Ed (1) on 11,21,31,41,......91   because we don't say Sip-Nung(11)

Please leave me comments or questions on learning Lao and If you like please share on the social meadia link under the post.

I am going to tell my age in Lao so I hope you can comment below if you can tell how old I am.


See you next time-Pob Kan Mia -ພົບ​ກັ​ນ​ໃໝ່

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Update on bike riding...

Hi everyone welcome back.
I am still riding a bike two times a week. It becomes a tiny bitty easier but still some sluggish. It wasn't easy when I first started because it was totally new thing that I have to get used to the road and traffic flow not even counting all the pain going uphills.
I leanrt some traffic lights discreminate you ( "you" I meant bikes not cars). I was waiting on the turning lane which  just kept me waiting  and waiting and after two circles I knew that something was wrong, so I learnt to take the pedestrain route and use the crosswalk light in some intersection instead.
My body still somewhat looks the same but I have more energy than before. When I got home I would get more things done than I would have done.
At the end of the day you sleep well then you know you did something good.
However my new transportation arrangement did not stop us from having a second car. Yup you heard that right we got a NEW CAR !!  
It is used but new to us , unfornuately  it solved one problem but created another problem.  This definately put us back to where we were before.
That is our life so far but it is not over yet. I won't give up. we will wait and see what is going to happen next.

How do you keep yourself going when you face obstacles?

Monday, February 2, 2015

Easy Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

Cheesy Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole

This is fairy easy to put together. There are a few ingredients that you need such as chicken, rice, brocolie and cheese. I read so many recipes and I don't know which one to follow after I tweaked a bit and most of the time I am guessing and put thing together on what I have on hand.

Here is the recipe that I used for today for our family of 5 but it could feed 3 or 4 adults

1 boneless skinless chicken breast cut into bite size
1 -1/2 cup rice
1 -12 oz you can totally use fresh broccolie and more or double just use less rice(I got the mix one that I have on hand)
1 cup or more of mild Chedder cheese ( I used half- half mozzella and chedder)
1 -10-3/4 oz can cream of chicken or mushrom
1/2 cup of sour cream or mayo
1 tsp of curry powder optional
1Tbsp of lemon juice optional

First cook rice and chiken it should be done on 25-25 min
Then stream vegetables in the microwave if you got fresh one I guess you can cook with rice and chicken but I would put them in the last 5 min.
While cooking the rice -mix cream of chicken, sour cream, curry powder and lemon juice.
Get a cassarole ready (8x8)- pour the cook rice mix then pour over the cream mix and top with cheese then bake for 20 min or less on 350 fahrenheit.

Done!! If you want to make it faster if you can microwave .

Do you have any dishes you tweak that it takes less time and tastes good?