Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How To Make Yogurt At Home The Easy Way

I usually make my yogurt at home by using yogurt maker. I like it plain, my husband likes it sweet with honey, my kids like it with fruit. We all love yogurt.

Its pretty easy actually if you have a yogurt maker. You just heat the milk up to 180 degree then let it cool down to 110-115 degree before you put the starter. Pour in the small jars let it in the yogurt maker for 8 hours at least before it becomes yogurt.
So heating the milk over the stove top on a pot is an old way that I used to do. I now use the glass jar and heat it in the microwave which I don't have to worry about it going to boil over or scorch. I got this short cut from reading the review on Amazon.com anyhow I'll include the model that I use on my Amazon link Yogurt maker and Thermometer
The health benefits of yogurt for me is it helps me regulate. We also put some in our smoothies and sometimes in baking.
So let see how easy to make it at home and cleaning is also a breeze.

Big glass Jar ( that can hold enough milk)
Yogurt Maker
Starter ( I use store bought yogurt maker)
These are my links for the products.

I like this model there is option for I want to make more yogurt I can just use bigger jar that have a bigger dome cover.

I use 36 oz milk + starter will add to milk after heating later.

( my yogurt maker makes 7-6 oz jars I also put the maker on the jar so it easy every time I make I don't have to measure just pour the milk to the mark)

Put the milk in the big jar and heat it and bring the temperature up to 180 degree by heating  2 minutes interval in the microwave until it reaches the desire temperature.

Once it heat up to 180. I take it to cool down in the cool water tub. Mine takes like 8 mins. If you want it faster you can put ice on your tub so it could take only 5 mins.

Let it cool down to 110 or 115 then put the starter mix well  and this is the time if you want to sweeten up with honey then pour it into the small jars and let it do the magic in the yogurt maker for 8 hours.

Then enjoy fresh for cool them in the fridge enjoy it cool.

Again have you have a short cut on doing your favorite food? Leave me questions or comment below and if you like it please share. Thank you for stopping by.

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