Saturday, March 28, 2015

Yard Sale Day in Socal

Sign made by my oldest son

One of the benefits of living in Southern California is that you can practically have a yard sale any time of the year.

We have lived in Tustin for over 10years and especially in our neighborhood for 3 years we never had a single garage sale until over 2 months ago when my in law was moving to Utah and they needed a place to get rid of their stuffs. So we decided to do garage sale and I did with them. Now I am hooked.

Today I made my second yard sale and it was great to be able to get to rid of stuffs and also made some money a long the way. I am so tired , I am not gonna lie . That is only one fifth of the stuff that is gone. Decade of accumulation with three kids -toys and clothes and entertainment  electronics are the stuffs in our house . Clothes, toys and electronics yet are the most sought after at garage sale.

When I first moved to USA ,I was so appalled that American families got a whole room dedicated for toys for their kids and I never thought that it could have happened to us. It is just creeping without we even know it.

Looking back I was actually coming from pretty simple culture where we don't have toys to play let a lone a whole room for it. I remember when I had first kid we had a manageable toys and I had time to play with him like Thomas the tank engine. We could spent hours making Lagos to make engine shed.
Right now I got three kids which of course I barely have time  or appreciate playing time. I just keep cleaning and organizing. Uugghhhh. If I would give advice to my own self, I would pick only a few toys for my kids and spend more time together than just let toys be a representative of a fun time from me.

After 10 years we accumulate 3 of kids of our own along with toys and stuffs that are actually holding us back. We are now ready to move on and I want to make it  simple and  painless as possible.

Part of living simple we can declutter and intentionally put a stop to bringing new things. I promise to myself that I will give our life a clean slate a new way to start living simply.

My husband wants to only have suitcases and that is not practical. We are just going to gradually have less belongings and focus on spent quality time with our growing kids. And by the way we are moving soon to southern Utah.

We are getting there slowly and finding our ways to live simply happy.

What is(are) the thing(s) that you keep in your simple living routine? Please comments below and please do share the idea of simple living.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

ສ​ະ​ບາຍ​ດີ​ເຊົ້າ​ວັນ​ພະ​ຫັດ Good morning Thursday!

Morning everyone ! Sabiadee Took Took Kon!

I hope you begin your morning as bright as the Sun.

This quote is written by my cousin who loves to write lots of quotes and want to be identified as S.J .

I love her quotes so much and would love to share and hope you all like it. You can try to read and

translate it if you want in the comment below.

Have a great day!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Colors in Lao ສີໃນພາສາລາວ

Sabaidee Touk Kon!!!

Today we are going to learn some of the colors.

Red = Sii Dang =ສີ​ແດງ 

Green = Sii Kiew =ສີ​ຂຽວ

Blue = Sii Phar =ສີ​ຟ້າ

Yellow = Sii Lueng =ສີ​ເຫຼືອງ

Orange = Sii Som =ສີ​ສົ້ມ

Purple = Sii Muang =ສີ​ມ່​ວງ

Gray = Sii Kii Thao =ສີ​ຂີ້​ເຖົ່າ

Brown = Sii Tub Mou =ສີ​ຕັບ​ໝູ

Black = Sii Dam =ສີ​ດຳ

White = Sii Kao =ສີ​ຂາວ 

Silver = Sii Ngern =ສີເງີນ 

Gold = Sii Kham =ສີ​ຄຳ 

Pink = Sii Bua =ສີ​ບົວ

"Sii"means color and sometimes you can omit the word  and also when you want to say  light  you use  " Orn" and dark " Kair" place after the color words.

Ex: Light Green =  ( Sii) Kiew Ornສີ​ຂຽວ​ອ່ອນ
       Dark Green = ( Sii) Kiew Kairສີ​ຂຽວ​ແກ່

I have tried to highlight the gold and yellow differently but they are obviousely not much different. Please ignore that and also balck and white I can't highlight them.

Please leave comments what else you want to me to cover.

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pan Fried Teriyaki Salmon with Rice and Stirfried Mix Vegetable.

We can make this dish within 30 minutes. First get the rice cooking while you get the Salmon and vegetable ready.

Pan-fry Salmon on nonstick pan for 15 minutes,seasoned with salt and pepper , cooked one side half way through before turning the other side. After the Salmon is done, put on a plate.

Use same pan add little oil and minced garlic on the pan cooked for a few seconds then put the vegetable mix and fried seasoned with salt and pepper let cook through. My mixed vegetable includes mushrooms, asparagus and butter squash. ( Pick vegetable you like to add the fiber in your diet and it really complete the simple dish)

While your vegetable is cooking you can make the Teriyaki Sauce
Here is the Teriyaki sauce ingredients:
1/4 Cup Soy Sauce
1/4 Cup Mirin
1 Tablespoon Sugar
( I use half soy sauce and half teriyaki soy sauce since I have it on hand if you don't have Teriyaki soy sauce is totally fine. It is actually what the recipe called for. )

You can boil in the small sauce pan to thicken and comes together . I just run it through microwave 30 seconds a few times until thicken.

Dish your dish with some cooked white rice and some stir fried mix vegetable and the Salmon and drizzle or pour generously on the fish and enjoy.

What is your favorite take out or lunch order ? Please comments below and if you like it do share.