Monday, March 16, 2015

Colors in Lao ສີໃນພາສາລາວ

Sabaidee Touk Kon!!!

Today we are going to learn some of the colors.

Red = Sii Dang =ສີ​ແດງ 

Green = Sii Kiew =ສີ​ຂຽວ

Blue = Sii Phar =ສີ​ຟ້າ

Yellow = Sii Lueng =ສີ​ເຫຼືອງ

Orange = Sii Som =ສີ​ສົ້ມ

Purple = Sii Muang =ສີ​ມ່​ວງ

Gray = Sii Kii Thao =ສີ​ຂີ້​ເຖົ່າ

Brown = Sii Tub Mou =ສີ​ຕັບ​ໝູ

Black = Sii Dam =ສີ​ດຳ

White = Sii Kao =ສີ​ຂາວ 

Silver = Sii Ngern =ສີເງີນ 

Gold = Sii Kham =ສີ​ຄຳ 

Pink = Sii Bua =ສີ​ບົວ

"Sii"means color and sometimes you can omit the word  and also when you want to say  light  you use  " Orn" and dark " Kair" place after the color words.

Ex: Light Green =  ( Sii) Kiew Ornສີ​ຂຽວ​ອ່ອນ
       Dark Green = ( Sii) Kiew Kairສີ​ຂຽວ​ແກ່

I have tried to highlight the gold and yellow differently but they are obviousely not much different. Please ignore that and also balck and white I can't highlight them.

Please leave comments what else you want to me to cover.

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