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ວັນ​ ໃນ​ ອາ​ທິດ,ເດືອນ​ ໃນ ປີ Days of the week, Months of the Year

Hello everyone! ສ​ະ​ບາຍ​ດີ​ທຸ​ກຯ​ຄົນ!

Day in Lao is  " Wan" and  Month is Deurn and Year is Pii
But the word order is quite opposite from English.
For example: Monday - Wan Jan- ວັນ​ຈັນ
Here are the days of the week.
Wan Khan ວັນ​ຄານ - Tuesday
Wan Phoud ວັນ​ພຸດ - Wednesday
Wan Pha Hud ວັນ​ພະ​ຫັດ -Thursday
Wan Souk ວັນ​ສ​ຸ​ກ - Friday
Wan Sao ວັນ​ເສົາ - Saturday
Wan Aar Thid ວັນ​ອາ​ທິດ - Sunday
Let's look at months of the year. There are two way to communicate about months. Easy way if you learn about numbers you can just use number after the word month which is " Deurn " ​ເດືອ​ນ and the other one is just remember each month's names.
I am listing easy way, the formal way,phonetic and Lao written words respectively.
Deurn  Song ( 2 )-          ( Deurn) Koum Pa-         ເດືອ​ນກ​ຸ​ມ​ພາ            February
Deurn  Sam ( 3 )-           ( Deurn) Mee Na-            ເດືອ​ນມ​ີ​ນາ               March
Deurn See ( 4 )-              ( Deurn) Me Sa-              ເດືອ​ນເມ​ສາ             April
Deurn  Haa ( 5 )-            ( Deurn) Pird Sa Pa-        ເດືອ​ນພຶດ​ສ​ະ​ພາ       May
Deurn  Hok ( 6 )-            ( Deurn) Mee Thou Na-  ເດືອ​ນມີ​ຖຸ​ນາ            June
Deurn Jed ( 7 )-              ( Deurn) Kor La Kod-     ເດືອ​ນກໍ​ລ​ະ​ກົດ          July
Deurn  Pad ( 8 )-            ( Deurn) Sing Ha-            ເດືອ​ນສິງ​ຫາ             August
Deurn Kao ( 9 )-            ( Deurn) Kan Ya-              ເດືອ​ນກັນ​ຍາ            September
Deurn Sib ( 10 )-            ( Deurn) Tou La-              ເດືອ​ນຕຸ​ລາ               October
Deurn Sib Ed ( 11 )-       ( Deurn) Pa Jik Ka-          ເດືອ​ນພະ​ຈິກ​ກາ       November
Deurn  Sib Song ( 12 )-  ( Deurn) Thun Wa-           ເດືອ​ນທັນ​ວາ            December
In Lao we write Day/ Month/ Year ,which is different from US as well ( Month/Day/Year).
It took me a while to get used to but I still mess up once in a while if I have to date any paper.
Pii Song Pun Sib Ha -ປ​ີ​ສອ​ງ​ພັນ​ສິ​ບ​ຫ້າ.
I will do another post more about numbers but if you need to learn from 1-10 here is the post .
Here are some samples on using day/month/ year.

Please write it in Lao or phonetic word for this phrase.
Wednesday, August 16th 2016.

Please comments below if you need anything else for me to cover.

To day we are going to learn about days of the week and months of the year!

Wan Jan​ ວັນ​ຈັນ -Monday

Deurn  Neung ( 1 )-        ( Deurn) Mung Gorn-     ​ເດືອ​ນ​ມັງ​ກອນ         January

Last but not least is to say the year" Pii " For 2015  is  Two Thousand- Fifteen

I was born on November 28th 1950 :

ຂ້ອຍ​ເກີດ ​ວັນ​ທີ  28/11/1950 -    Koi Kerd Wan Tee Sao Pad Deurn Sib Ed Pii Neung Pan Khao Hoi Ha Sib.

It is Sunday, January 26th, 2008/  Sunday-26/1/2008

Wan Aar Thid  Tee Sao Hok  Deurn Mung Gone Pii Song Pan Pad

Its 10 in the morning. Sib Mong Sao

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy Lao New Year 2015 ໂຊກດີປີໃໝ່ ພ​.ສ 2558

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break in St. George Southern Utah

Let's the spring break begins.  St. George Utah here we come, this is a small town in Southern Utah- 2 hours north of Las Vegas. My husband grew up there, where his friends are still living there and have kids the same ages as ours. It is not only our spring break vacation but also as part of preparing to move there so that we can see the town and meet up with old friends. We went there two months ago and we had decided that we are moving.

Why do we want to move from California? you ask:
Even though there are average 350-day sunshine in a year, the beaches are just within 15 minutes, the parks  are every corners of our neighborhood , and Disneyland is just 20 minutes away. Kids also go to great school .These benefits do not really make us happy ( I and my husband).

Why are we not happy? you ask:
Living in California is so frustrated. The housing  costs us 50 % of our income ( one income ). My husband works too hard to sustain us but has no time to rest and enjoy his growing kids.
Our family is growing so does expenses. Beside we are in the rat race.

Why do we choose St. George? you ask:

There are many reasons. First is low rent because we are going to be renting part of our in law's house ( basement). Secondly we are hoping to have a slow pace- family oriented life. Lastly the cost of living is going to be cut down a lot if my husband keeping the same job.

If everything goes well as plan we could or would be able to save enough for down payment for our first home soon.
The move is just a step closer to live simple. Here is what I wrote about how to start living simply into minimalists.
What are you going to do during spring break? Please comments below and give me a share if you think it will help anyone in someway.