Saturday, June 13, 2015

Animals' names

Sabaidee Touk Kon

First of all I have to apology for not posting anything for the last month. I am packing and getting us moving to St George, Utah. I am excited but already missing California as time is getting close.

However so today we are going to learn about animals' names.

Animals = To Sud = ​ໂຕ​ສັດ

Cat = Meo =ແມວ

Dog = Ma =ຫມາ

Bird = Nok = ນົກ

Frog = Kob =ກົບ

Fish =Pa =ປາ

Water buffalow = Kua =ຄວາຍ

Cow = Ngua = ງົວ

Hourse = Mar​ =ມ​້າ

Peacock = Nok Yung =ນົ​ກ​ຍ​ຸງ

Chicken =  Kia =​ໄກ່

Duck = Ped =ເປັດ

Snake = Ngou = ງ​ູ

Rabbit =  KaTia =ກະ​ຕ່າຍ

Turtle =  Tao= ເຕົ່າ

Deer = Farn,  Kuang =ກວາງ

Alligator / Crocodile = Khair = ແຂ້

Elephant =  Sang​ =ຊ້າງ

Tiger =  Siur =ເສືອ

Lion = Sing = ສິງ

Kangaroo = Kangkarou = ແກງ​ກາ​ລ​ູ

Bear =  Mii =ຫມີ

Monkey = Liing =ລີງ

Zebra = Ma Lia =ມ້​າ​ລາຍ

We can also add a prefix " TO" ໂຕ on these animal names as to emphasis.

Example: To Meo = Meo

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